• “The end”

    My blood is like tears,
    showing my pain,
    as it spills upon the floor,
    like the falling rain.

    From the minute we broke up,
    my heart ripped into 2,
    how the pain was not as bad,
    as me thinking,
    "how will I live my life without u??"

    Remember when we were kids,
    how u always used to say,
    I will never let u go,
    not tomorrow,
    not today!!

    Remember how I believed you,
    so I took ur hand, and you took mine,
    how we walked around the earth,
    without tears to cry!!

    But u lied to me,
    I can see u were a fake,
    how u said u would never let go,
    maybe it wasn’t, yesterday or even today,
    but some ware along them years,
    u changed ur mind,
    and slowly,
    ur hand,
    departed from mine!!

    So now im sitting here on the floor,
    with a broken heart,
    that cant love no more,

    So I pick-up the knife,
    as I get ready to end,
    my already dead life.

    As I pull it down my arm,
    my blood is cold, but im not alarmed,
    im silent and scared,
    because u are not there.

    I see the light,
    im going to go,
    tell my dear friends,
    I love them so.