• Flames of hell pursue its prey.
    A flash of hope,
    A flash of fear,
    A flash of death in the distance.
    Blood falls from the sky and onto the children.
    The bullets and bombs continued to fall to the ground.
    Slowing any down.
    Fallen comrades lay dead in the sludge of hell.
    Blood in the sky from the angels and devils at war.
    Causes enemies strength to grow 10 fold.
    The burning of death grows through the war zone.

    The night rumbles with the sound of a tiger roar.
    Fire roars in the distance like a fearful stampede.
    Tears of heaven bounce off everything around.
    Bullets and bombs soar down to the earth’s skin.
    The cries of pain and fear, from fallen comrades and others.
    The slish, slosh of footsteps in the wicked mud.
    The crackle of witchery with a bit of lightning.
    The crackling wood from trees in the hurricane winds.

    The scent of power grows in the distance.
    An essence of beauty dies in the scent of hell.
    The smell of death burning in the war zone.
    Penetrates the senses.
    The smell of hell,
    With death’s scent.
    To make an irresistible aroma.

    The tear of pain numbs the tongue at the touch.
    The burning of the devil’s whip burns the throat.
    The whip of guilt slides down the throat.
    Tastes of the black demon devil’s poisonous blood.
    A foul, evil and gagging sense this is.

    A coldness of danger shivers down the spine.
    A presence of evil comes from the tears of an angel.
    The heat from the devil’s fingers upon a face.
    Burn the flesh off the innocent.
    The water of fear soaks through the souls.
    The eyes of man shine down with anger.
    The suction of power keeps the souls from escaping.

    The burning Forrest’s rage is complete.
    It’s found what it was looking for.
    But, what was it.
    A patch of light reveals the heart.
    A lit patch turns the devil’s side over.
    An emerald rock lies in middle.
    Green around the gemmed rock.
    But, there is still darkness around.
    A young, lifeless soul lies upon the rock…
    The soul lies dead upon the gem.
    Her comrades step forth in fear.
    They nudge her gently.
    No movement in her tiny body.
    Her comrades bent their heads to the ground.
    In sadness.

    At this time she was the most beautiful thing around.
    A bright blue light came down from the heavens.
    Fear struck.
    She was lifted up into the air.

    All around came to life.
    Sight of bright rainbow colored flowers sprouted.
    Scent of fresh, green grass.
    The sound of fresh running water.
    The water ran around the stone and down in a valley.
    The soft touch of new air.
    The taste of fresh berries gathered round the gemmed rock and soul.

    The darkness is gone forever.
    So is the hearts of darkness and light.
    But it’s safe.
    Come on out and play.
    It’s time for everyone to start over.
    Everyone has lost someone.
    Gained a new beginning.

    The snow fur defends the soul.
    Claws of terror as weapons.
    Ears to sense everything.
    Teeth as sharp as razor to rip enemies apart.
    Paws so gentle that nothing can penetrate them.
    And eyes made of green diamonds.

    In the end it wanted life.
    Life is what it wanted.
    And life is what it got.
    But at a great cost.
    It died as soon as it got life.
    It killed what gave it life.
    So it therefore died.
    Why live if you have nothing to live for.
    You don’t.
    So death is the only answer.