• 'I love you' That is what she said to me.
    'Love' I can't love anybody.
    I can feel only hate.
    'Hate' That is what he told me to do and i did.
    I hated everyone and everything except for him.
    'Friend' That is what he called me.
    I hated everybody but him he was brother, he was best friend and my biggest rival.
    'Power' That man offered it to me.
    And I took it and went with him and even nearly killied my best friend.
    I could've killed him and obtained that power.
    The Mangekyo Sharingan the power my brother has.
    But i won't gain power like him i will gain it my way.
    'Traitor' That is what I was once called.
    I killed the one that taught me evrything i know and took his minions to form my own team.
    I am called many things and I am many things.
    But more importantly i am one of the last remaining member of the Uchiha clan.
    I am Uchiha Sasuke this is who i am.
    And I...did nothing I regret.