• So tired of trying,
    So sick of crying,
    On the outside I'm smiling,
    But inside I'm dying.

    The blackest of tears,
    Most dangerous of thoughts,
    As everyone I love disappears,
    Hopeless, unloved, betrayed, lost.

    I'm trying not to let,
    These tears I shed show,
    Endlessly confused, hateful, depressed.

    He should be here.
    For me.
    He's not.

    Gone with the rest,
    As they leave me alone,
    To stumble,
    Through darkness.

    Death welcomes me,
    I walk forward,
    Leaving this world.

    Looking back,
    There's light,
    HE is light.
    He pulls me back,
    The light swallowing me.
    Willingly I let it consume me,

    Fine for the moment,
    Darkness never leaves,
    It will come back.
    For me.