• The sky is really blood red
    People are going to die very soon
    But there is no stopping this now
    Gun blazing and cannons firing overseas
    You gotta stay alive if you want to see thing through
    It’s gonna be like that
    Because this war, man.

    This is war man
    It ain’t any fun and games
    People dying, people killing
    And they don’t care if you’re dead or not
    Its gonna be like that

    Peace is the answer to everything
    However war is the path you chose to do
    You should have listen to your girl
    But it’s too late now man
    Now you’re gonna live with it everyday
    It’s is like that now
    Just deal with the pain.

    The war is over man,
    It wasn’t fun and games
    People are dead, people are morning
    They hate you either way now that’s it over
    It’s like that nowadays.

    Government ain’t doing anything
    The pain grows everyday
    Too late to deal with it man
    Only way to end it all anyway
    Every one gonna miss you now man
    So make sure it painless as possible
    Goodbye man, have afterlife
    But you know where you’re going now.