• Have you ever had one of those moments when your life finally has a point? Like your purpose in life is laid out on the ground in a black notebook? Some are curious and pick it up. Others leave it for someone else to take for themselves. I don't know why, but recently I've been reflecting on the entire concept of life and death. They are opposite forces in our universe, but each cannot thrive without the other.

    Life is the precious gift, like a knife, unworthily bestowed upon humankind. We each have a choice of what to use it for. Some people never use their life and let it grow dull, rusted, and dusty on a shelf. Others wastefully use it to eliminate other's dreams or aspirations, tainting the blade with hatred, fear, unreliability, and despair. While there are a select few who use it for creation, not destruction. They carve beauty from the despair of life. They see what life was truly meant for. Their blade consoles fear, eradicates hatred, and gives the unreliable a second chance.

    Death, on the other hand is like a black jawbreaker, the largest and sweetest of some candies. Most are repulsed and avoid it at almost all cost. Less accept the challenge and soon have found themselves in more trouble than they predicted. Fewer still long to see death through to the end to end their pitiful lives deemed "unworthy" or "pointless" of living. Yet a select few take it as what it really is: the end to their legacy to allow another to shine where he/she has failed or even exceed that person. They accept the pain as they travel to the realm where your legacy is but the prologue to your story of eternity.

    From my story, some may wonder, "Am I afraid to die at this or any time?"

    My answer:"Not one tiny bit... after I have completed my Earthly mission."

    Just something to chew on...