• I hear your footsteps,
    My name you're calling.
    You've come to find me,
    And stop my falling.

    You have come closer,
    You see my face.
    Outstretch your arms,
    For loving embrace.

    Your eyes show confidence,
    Mine hidden by despair.
    I want you to take me,
    And handle with care.

    I want you to show me,
    What I need to see.
    I wish for your guidance,
    To help me be free.

    I want you to help me,
    Kickstart my emotions.
    I want you to teach me to cope,
    When my shoulders weigh in tons.

    I want to know of our world,
    Above and beyond.
    Introduce me to others,
    As I can learn to grow fond.

    I hope you will listen,
    For I need to say.
    That without you beside me,
    I would have not found my way.