• Draw your trobles on your arms and there will be no place left unmarked.
    Is the blood beautiful to you?Or this karma for the games?
    Do i really feel sick?Or is it only the feeling of my bones breaking?
    I smile and lie when i say i'm alright.
    I'm weighing down your wings and you still have no idea.
    Cryptic clues i leave to you shows signs of never being figured out.

    Will we die in the sand? Underneath the weight of time?
    Time shows it all.
    The worst part is you made me face myself,a battle i cannot win.
    When your heart breaks will hang your self with it's threads?
    Will it all be my falut?
    Shame and concept i pray you never learn.
    I'll just wait and see and fianlly know if it's all just planned out.