• A silly smile just for me one that I loved for sure
    But tears then did follow soon and this I did abhor
    Now tell me are you happy? I think for you it’s true
    The incident so long ago not sure I can be through
    The coolest guy I’ll ever know the best I ever knew
    Now I’ll ask for just a bit, of my heart back from you
    Don’t know how long it’s been since we just had fun by the beach
    I think I’ll never love another because I have no heart to teach
    you own all and I own none; I don’t think I still have yours
    Because I know when I turned you away my face washed from your shores
    But can’t you see no matter how much it is you said
    You wanted only my love forever I still hate what you did
    To know you’re out there having fun makes me glad and sad
    To think I’ll never love again leaves me forever mad
    I hope one day if we do meet you’ll give back what you took
    Cause no matter how I love you so I’ll never bear your look