• No air,
    My chest screams for life,
    My head moans for peace.

    I listen,
    I think,
    I wait to find the cause,
    Of such drastic pain.


    I understand it is there,
    Something that can't be covered.
    I have my father,
    But long for a dad.

    He tells wonderful stories,
    Of what we could be,
    He forgets how I remember the past,
    The pain he caused.

    I see myself think "How can he forget,
    The ones he hurt,
    The scars he left."

    He thinks it's over,
    Our problems of the past,
    Yet how can they be,
    When his mistakes not accounted for still litter my thoughts.

    I close my mind,
    A tear flows out of my eyes,
    I don't want another pack of lies,
    Just the father,
    I wish he could be.