• When The night seemed dark
    you smiled
    and turned it into day
    When i couldnt hear
    you laughed
    and i could hear a pin drop
    When the world was blurry
    you looked into my eyes
    and i could see a mile away

    When you took my hand
    I could feel the hairs on my arm stand up
    When you hugged me
    I could feel my heartbeat race
    When you Kissed me
    My heart skipped a beat

    As you looked into my eyes and said you loved me
    I looked back into yours and lost my heart to them
    Our past digs deep, our future looks bright
    My arms wrapped around you, it feels right
    I whisper in your ear
    I love you dear

    As you lay in my bed
    Thoughts of you wont leave my head
    Your beauty is next to none
    Hoping the web i our love as spun
    will never come undone

    I close my eyes and see your smile
    my breath shallow
    i fell your head on my chest
    I smile as i rest

    As my dreams come, its you i see once again
    Even in my dreams, in my heart you swim
    With you in my arms, not even sleep can remove my smile.
    True happyness has never seemed closer
    then when your head is in my neck.

    Mummering I love you i pull you closer to me

    I love you tasha