• Iwould have never guessed
    who would be the star
    and who would be hiding in the shadows, wish'n
    they could shine
    who would be loved ans cheered on
    who would seem capable of noting

    but things change!


    some will rise some will fall
    some will lay dazedwait'n for something
    to start
    some wish they were

    like you!
    your everything (everything)
    I could ever think of being
    ever beleive saying
    never imagine loveing

    and that's why


    you've always been
    the star,
    the jockey,
    the man in the spotlight

    And i've always been
    waitin for you to notice me!

    will this always be how it is
    or will you fall
    will i catch you?

    -who knows-


    things change!