• swirling mists savagely sip screams
    seemingly savoring the succulent sighs
    each crackle of crisp cover echoes carelessly
    creeping candle flames chuckle at the crust
    crust of blood seeping down trees

    the forest absorbs anything with agonizing anger
    appetizing noises affect the afflicted arms
    twitching within the tangle of thorns
    tasting the tantalizing treats they
    rush towards the retreating refuse of life

    feasting faces rise froth from fallen friends
    faces filled with blood frothed smiles
    eyes with heavy hunger harry the hallowed corpses
    devouring the density
    desecrating the honorable dead

    walls of weeping women wantonly wail
    verbally venerating the valiant victors
    who savor the satisfying screams that slack their sins
    over the odor of opulent orders
    care lost children crawl cringingly cross cremations

    damaging demons drain delectable dishes
    from the blasted bowels of the bloated battlefields
    stealing souls seemingly safe from sin
    endless evictions of un evil entities enter
    the battles of boundless eons ends in endless death