• there he is, staning in that corner
    you want to go talk but...
    you dont know what to say, he broke
    your hart once and you were thought you would go
    insane. but yet you stand hear in a daze wondering...
    was it true or was it a lie... your so confused.
    to you those three little words were poetry he recited so often
    like a song. and that toutch to your lips put butterflys in your tummy...
    every time. when you stayed up latejust to talk to him every time you spoke
    his voice made you shake, not out fear no.... but love.
    every thing about him made you love him that much more, yeah hes made mistakes you can deal.
    a pome in your ear and kiss to your lips from his so soft so pure.......
    or not. one day he says we are no more.
    your sad or are u mad theese emotions are confuseing to you.
    days and weeks pase your still confused, you talk to him finley in his corner.... HIS corner, HIS world, HIS rules, in his word confustion dose exist here, dose he know whats going through his mind. yes, no...you wish you could read his mind.u stand there talking and he puts his soft lips to yours once again bringing back that memory of shaking love. you liked it you know you did but you cant help to question him his mind in his world. yes you think you still love him but he said it was no more to this kiss of love and confution sends u through a loop of fire and rage. but yetyou still like it adn u still love him. is it magic or realy love is there a diffrence. I dont know its confusing territory.