• Always alone, Never at peace.
    Fighting to stay, In this place.
    Your eyes so cold, Your lips so soft.
    Your arms around me, So hard and strong.
    Your words keep saying, "I wont be long."
    You lie to me again, and again. Always say we'll just be friends.
    You keep trying for more, I can't wait till this heart break ends.
    Always together, never apart.
    I should have seen this coming from the start.
    Lie after lie, Kiss after kiss, Love after love, It all ends like this...
    Pain keeps us strong, even when we crumble.
    Pain keeps up going, even though we stumble.
    I loved you to the last, and I always will.
    Stay with me, so you don't need to kill.
    Breaking me appart, stich by stich.
    How can you say that I was the b***h?
    You broke me, you used me.
    You lied to my face,
    Now I'm stuck in this embrace.