• Where We Once Stood

    In our minds is a truth untold,
    In our eyes the truth unfolds.
    We take a step and close our eyes,
    We spread our wings and hope to fly.

    Our journey for eternity has just begun,
    A journey that no one can cause to be undone.
    We look to the future and forget our past,
    We hope that this dream will forever last.

    Our friends and family are by our side,
    They know that we don't give up and that we have tried.
    The breeze is felt and tells a tale,
    One with promises to great detail.

    Eventually and inevitably our journey must end,
    But we will make the best of it, like we intend.
    Our minds are open to what could and should,
    As we look back to the past...to where we once stood.