• She looks to the sky and asks,
    "Are you out there my guardian angel? Where have you been?"

    Her angel looks down and then away.
    "I'm sorry I've been gone. I had to make some changes and arrangements."

    She doesn't hear her angel.
    "I feel so alone. I've gotten sicker since you left."

    Her angel looks down again.
    "I've had to prepare for what's happening. I'm sorry."

    She continues.
    "I used to wake up and see you. I felt better every time I saw your glow. Since you've left my days have been dimming. I sleep more and eat less. I drift in and out of consciousness and all I can hear are my doctors saying I'm getting worse. Where have you been?"

    Her angel looks ashamed.
    "I've been preparing. I needed some time to figure out how to tell you that…"

    "It feels like I'm dying angel. Ever since you left. Why is th…"

    "To tell you that you're dieing."