• The woods have an air of mystery round bout them today
    Something compelling overwhelming silencing
    Like when a ‘neath yon treetops wander I amidst the frozen and holy sky
    When what aches more, me heart or the heart of the forest itself
    It is an endless eternal mortal feeling that breaks your breath upon your chest
    And causes yer mind to fall asunder
    As what is becomes whatever and what you know blends with what ye don’t
    And the silence of the birds overtakes your quiet heart and fills it with imagery
    When there is no stars no sun no moon nor earth nor sky
    When there is just you and you alone and alone you are
    There is air and breath but land and water are but yours alone in your mind
    A feeling like no other as you loose track o time
    For whence did you come and for what reason have you to leave
    Oh that only I could stand there for eternity
    Locked in embrace with the soil the scent of life and my own humanity
    What would the world be that everyone could see what I can see
    What I have seen
    And what lives inside of me
    The heart that knows, the heart that sees smells feels
    But cannot say cannot convey
    What it means to me
    Your harsh words harbor inside of me, polluting the serenity
    My senses have been clouded by reality
    Would it be that only time could free me
    But while there is still life within me
    I must try
    I must try to tell a bit of the story a bit of what I have felt
    Oh that only this accursed pen would not hinder me so
    That my mind could just splash upon the canvas, t’would be easier so
    But with this hand with the pen I must write and write
    Draw and sketch
    Forever and for always
    For there is this image inside of me
    That will not cease until all is heard
    All is said
    All is seen

    Can you hear me
    Will you hear me
    Stop blocking locking me away
    I need for this to release
    To wash away

    The curse of the artist is to have no one that will understand your brushstroke your heart your soul
    Alone with your passions you toil what for
    But to try to tell to others
    The glimpse of sanity I saw that day
    For if there was no one to listen
    No one to hear to see to feel
    My pain
    I fear I would all but disappear into that clouded sky
    And remain frozen in time as numbness surrounds me
    And forget I ever existed ever was ever had a purpose
    And to that eternal soil would I descend
    Never to speak be heard or thought of again