• Cort Jester and his foolish crown
    Note: there are two stories here the Drunkan fly wich is in the () and the cort jester and his fulesh crown coment let me know what you think ok

    (Memo:Yoz guys i wrote half of this at Pizza Hut lisaning to Judas Priest.Man talk about long songs but yaz i was so bord i wached this fly on the window seal by the bothe we where sitting ing. but any ways about the fly i was sitting there waching this fly slowly die, or it was drunk one of the two...)

    A fealing that lingers for so long and dosent stop.
    When you lay there allown in your bed its there at your feet slowly killing you.
    Scream, scream, scream for you sanity scream because you have lost it.
    Scream because thats all you can do, tanted is what you've become.
    The vile poison has changed you, your just not the same.

    (Ok the fly is now reaching out to chach imaginary things. I bleave it's drunk sirusly it's so pitifule...)

    You make me not want to know you any more stop it.
    Your adicted to the poison and it has you taring your hair out for more.
    It has you neck deap in troble and your going under.

    (Woot!!! the hangover fly tryed to get up. Hang in there little buddy you only have 6 more hours to live. Oh, hay the apitizers are here sweet!!!...)

    IT has blinded you from seeing what is left of your life, the good parts.
    The smell of ignerance and stupidity is lingering on you.
    No matter how much you try to cover it up i still know you have dun it.
    And theres no hidding this fact from the world its shown in your apparance and the way you act.

    (Ok well i have finished eating we're about to leave. Also I've tryed to blow the hangover fly right side up and i did but it just fliped itself back over agin. Man get this fly some gengeral and some king of pain killer jeezz. But yah I'm now lisoning to the steve miller band and like my fave song "Serenaded" sweet Also Pizza Hut had like one waiter working at the time. Man i fell bad for him there was alot of people and he looked tired. Hay i wonder if the hangover fly and him where drinking on his lunch brake? lol...)

    You act like a cort jester dancing for the king and the queen.
    Your foolish crown proof of your mistakes and bad choices.
    Your discrasing whats left of your name and im losing you because of it.
    In the end i have to clean up the mess you make of your life ,im sick of it.
    Im just sick of it one of these days i wont be here any more what then?
    How will you pick the scattered pices of your life back up? And if you can't What then?
    What then?

    (Wow i love that ending its so dramadic but yah sorry about the stupid hangover fly storie its just it was funny and i though it would brake up the drama in the storie. If you didnt liek me braking up the story then read it once agen just avoed the stuff in () and you'll get the fule efect kk
    chibet over and out ^^)