• I remember that one night, the moon was full and the things you said to me.
    Made my heart want to burst with joy, we never wished for this to be..
    And when you leaned in to whisper I love you in my ear..
    I felt like sobbing, I never thought you felt that way and I had something to fear.
    The fear that you would leave me and never return and now I sit on the pier
    With the memories of the things you said, that night before you died
    I watch the sun slowly set wanting to go and hide
    I knew this would not last I choke back a sob
    I know now you were my hope
    Even though my friends all said you were a dope
    The things you said before your last football game,
    Made me never feel the same
    You seem to be haunting me now,
    Sometimes I wonder how,
    And wonder what you are to me
    Are you a ghost or an angel to be?
    I stand up and lay a red rose in the water and watch it float away
    You can be free
    Forever you shall be
    You gave me your heart and I have given it back.
    Our love will always be pure
    May the lord take good care of you…my angel