• My name is Emily
    I am not a happy person always
    I am not cheerful person
    I always want people to laugh and smile for me.
    And i always want people to make me smile.
    I want to smile
    I want to laugh
    I want to cheer everyone
    Yes...i did all thing that i said just now
    But not all my smile and laugh are true
    I want to do it all with my trueself
    I always wonder....can i do it
    I want to left my sorrow from my heart
    But... can i do it
    I always hope to live at a world that nobody pretends
    I always hope this world is peace
    But i know.... that would not happen
    This world full of violence,
    Whenever i go...i know its not safe
    I always want to be myself
    And are not pretend infront of all the people
    I know maybe someday someone will know n understand my life and myself
    I wonder if my best friend will understand my feeeling
    I want them to know me
    and not the outside me
    I really want them to know me'
    I dont want to lock my trueself
    i want someone to understand it
    And even...my parents
    I wish they know the real me
    I know they love me
    but i also know...
    Theres a part of me that they doesnt know.
    Please...i really want someone to understand me........