• I hear wind-chimes jingle in the wind,
    I see the new colored leaves fly,
    I feel a slight breeze blow against my face,

    This is the Autum Wind.

    I wrap my self up in my jacket,
    You are wearing yours too,
    I watch as the trees change from green to gold, red, and yellow,
    I smell the sceant of freashly backed pie,

    This is the Autum Actions.

    I laugh with my friends as we joke around,
    I laugh at you when you clown-around,
    You laugh too,
    Everyone laughs with joy,

    This is the Autum Laughter.

    The School bell ring out loud,
    The buzz of talk starts up,
    The blowing wind wistles,
    The leaves cruch under our feet,

    This is the Autum Soud.

    Summer has passed,
    Pools are closed,
    School has started back up,
    The season has now changed,

    This is Autum.