• i was never afraid when you were there
    yet you left me alone after all the times we shared
    now I'm only afraid of loss
    in which my heart has willingly paid the cost
    shattered , broken, not the way a heart should be
    but i guess I’ll learn the pain of misery
    i thought friends would be there till the end
    but in the end i was in need of a friend

    i waited for you but you weren’t there
    and yet for you i still care
    a heart should never be broken
    rather it should be full like a moon
    or shine bright like the sun
    but for now my heart is done

    gone and lost, still waiting there
    trying to keep up with this pain i bare
    for now i am lost in the dark
    searching for a way to mend this cold heart
    soft and still, a whisper from the waves
    wishing to find a way to be saved

    wishing on stars, wishing your still there
    wishing that you still care
    waiting in the wings that one day you’ll need me
    and the love i give will finally get to you and you’ll see
    waiting by the shore , always looking out the door
    waiting for you is all i can do