• [Imagine my pacing...]

    Think Alley, Think!
    You write all the time.
    Okay what are some ideas?
    Well the piece has to have some style; class.
    It can't be too rough or overdone.
    Let's think...
    No controversy or anything to stir trouble or start something.
    Dang religion counts too!
    Hm... just to be safe nothing about race.
    Can I say... no, way too detailed.
    Think! You can do this!
    It has to pop but must be somewhat delicate.
    Interest would help too.
    Too bad not enough people get into politics!
    Well, at least the younger crowd.
    Some do...
    Well if I try, it risks being too early judged.
    Just by the title.
    Oh! It can't be really long either!
    People may just look at it and say, "next!"
    I just realized...
    If I didn't have to worry about so many things!
    Is this what the world is coming to?