• Covered in my jester;s hat
    I parade before them all
    Giggling and laughing
    Away the painted flaws

    In a world that;s slowly dying
    I dance in colors live and bright
    Stepping to the pattern
    Of a steadily fading life

    They see the painted smile
    And laugh at all my jokes
    They never look beyond the skin
    Or beyond the veil of smoke

    They see a me of my design
    Sketchy lines and fading gestures
    Flamboyant colors penciled in
    While gray roils and festers

    I am the harlequin with brilliant eyes
    The unseeing orbs so hollow
    I am the bleeding heart unguarded
    That the shadows slowly swallow

    I am the star that shines so bright
    That masks her tattering flaws
    The jester with the lyrical voice
    That answers beck and calls

    Alas, but, I am poor Yurick
    Faltering to my own demise
    Imprisoned in this counterfeit body
    And perpetuating the lies

    That happy endings are an ending
    That perfection has no flaws
    True, every village has its idiot
    And I;m the biggest fool of all