• Twas a lonely night where my body's out of bed,
    Gazing through the stars as I looked up in the sky;
    There was a burden in every tear I've shed
    Feelings of emptiness lie, twas hard to deny.

    I closed my eyes as I felt the evening air
    Tickling on my face, going beneath my skin;
    Half of my sentiments started to be fair,
    And I remembered him in my heart within.

    I've met him for a very long time
    But our hearts were not as close as friends,
    Til we shared ourselves at the same time
    From the point we need each other's hands.

    I told myself, "What an auspicious day it is!"
    When our encounters seemed to grow more fondly;
    In his presence, I found myself with joy and bliss
    With my heart's singing like an angel of glory.

    I can still remember the way he looked at me
    His small eyes can even tell how lovely he is.
    So lovely as if he's the only man I see,
    So lovely that I never ever felt like this.

    Fragrance of his wonderful body, I smell
    As I'm getting closer and closer to him;
    From his masculine scent, I suddenly fell
    Aroused my inner desire throughout my dream.

    I can't resist from his warm embrace
    So warm, so difficult to define.
    His long, jet-black hair touches my face,
    'Til he put his soft lips next to mine.

    To kiss him is a religious experience, indeed
    Like there's no tomorrow, I wanted him to go on.
    In every chance I've made, my lips seems to plead
    Resembling Selene who wished to kiss Endymion.

    I've tried to cross the forbidden wall
    To share you my love each day and night.
    But for you, loving me is nothing at all
    Like a war which is not worth the fight.

    How I wish you were here beside me
    I need you 'cause I love you so much.
    But you would rather choose to be free
    Hope me to let you go from my touch.

    It hurts me now that you're about to depart
    We shared affection, yet it's not forever;
    You gave your word, but it costs scars in my heart
    Not knowing that we'd never be together.

    Baby, I'll never forget every part of you
    Even if you closed the door and leave me alone.
    I see in your heart, I really don't deserve you
    Like an eagle that cannot be captured and owned.

    This chapter seems to be the very end
    Now that we live with our separate life;
    Still, I'll continue to love you, Roland
    I love you so much; I'll love you for life.