• heart
    I died with you that day. Your passing weighed me down too much and my heart just couldn't take it. It was too much a sadness to bare. Its pathetic, is it not?
    That we never felt each others touch, you never held me in your arms, that I never shared your kiss...? It's pathetic.
    But I still loved you and I will never forget what you promised me. I took it to my grave. The ring you never gave me still has a place on my hand, and though its not there, if it was, it would still sparkle. Even under the dirt where my body rests, it would sparkle.
    I loved you, and I truly believed you loved me too. We were to be together forever. But some things don't ever go the way you plan them to and apparently our love was one of them. As I said before, I died with you that day. When we said forever, we meant it.
    I knew when your heart had stopped beating. I knew it. And it hurt. Again, we had never touched. So this is the chance I took. Now we can be together forever, our souls entwined as one, somewhere in the great beyond.
    We're together now, until the end of it all, we're together and all because I died for you.