• I was lost in your oblivion
    In your chase for confession
    I‘m the sacrifice if your improvidence
    And the redemption of your sins...
    Wake me up again
    My dear sister of nigth
    Let me drink your blood again
    I wan to get my renaissance...
    My spirit is on fire
    I‘m a slave of your desire
    I sit in an old room alone
    Waiting for you to come....
    I cannot conceive why
    You deserted my mind
    Burnt out all to ashes
    Whereof the phoenixes arise
    From the pandemonium i`ll arive
    In my carriage of misdeed.
    My servility for you will not fade,
    I will wait for your apperance...
    Thousands of years passed through me,
    But I still am wating for your ascendal.
    I beg you, please, don`t forget me,
    Your slave, your love, your passion...