• Heaven’s Blithe

    Feathers of white, feathers of black… all drifting in the dark by a faint howling wind.
    On the lake of the void two figures emerge, their hearts drawn fast as their powers diverge.
    Neither angel nor man- there are few who understand.
    The power they wield, which until now had been sealed, lay cast in the lake, sounding soon to awake.
    Benediction, Anathema- together they sang.
    The heavens break of thunder- a furious bang.
    Two swords stand withered, silver and old.
    It was destiny’s end as the sages foretold.
    From the woman of light with wings bursting white, she takes up her arms in a moment of blithe.
    The other stands tall, dark, wicked and cruel; he takes up his weapon- his hatred to fuel.
    As two they face, once one- torn apart.
    Now the only way whole is straight through the heart.
    One will live, the other will die. Even if fail forever they’ll try.
    Will there be heaven?
    Will there be hell?
    Until this is over there are none that may tell.