• Why dose the clock tick?
    When time has no meaning....
    Why do people pass?
    While i lay bleeding
    Am i a nothing to you?
    You look at me soo unforgiving
    Am i just a broken tool?
    Is it a sin for me living?
    You act as tho i killed you dead!
    But you may as well be, for what you did
    My soul will fade til im gone
    while i watch you walk away saying so-long
    In anger and and dismay
    I try to make you stay
    But you spit and you yell
    As my insides burn like hell
    Tears pour and emotions sore
    But all i know is.....
    You still love me for sure
    why do we fight? why do I cry?
    Is it simply we are too different im hype your shy
    I'll stay threw the good and the bad
    because all in all
    Your all that i have