• When I was growing up me and my best friend Jacob were
    inseparable. I always thought of him as just a friend
    until I was about 15 and I started to notice his
    beautiful baby blue eyes. Then I started to realize
    more. Like how hot he was and the way he talked to me.
    I soon fell in love with him and was hoping he felt the
    same way. When I was going to finally tell him how I
    felt, that was when he introduced me to his new girl
    friend. That’s when I knew he didn’t feel the same way.
    I started dating too but I never loved any of them the
    way I loved Jacob. During our senior year neither me
    nor Jacob had dated any one, because of that Jacob
    asked me to the senior prom. As friends of course. I
    said yes and went out and bought a new dress. He showed
    up wearing this hot tux and had even bought me courage.
    On the way to the prom he pulled over and looked at me
    and said (I rember this like it was yesterday)"Kassie I
    know we have been friends for years and I don’t want to
    lose that but there is something I need to tell you. I
    think I’m in LOVE with you. No I know I am. I have
    loved you since I was 14. I know you problem don’t fell
    the same way but I needed to tell you that." I was in
    shock I wanted to answer but I couldn’t. He started to
    drive with this sad look on his face. When I finally
    belt up the courage to talk all I could say was "Jacob"
    he looked at me for a split second when it happened.
    There was a car speeding down the street heading
    straight at us I screamed and that is the last thing I
    rember. The car had hit us and Jacob had thrown himself
    on top of me. Jacob had died trying to do something to
    save me. The doctors say that if he hadn’t done that I
    would probly be dead too. Jacob had loved me way more
    then I had loved him. The last thing I saw of him was
    his blue eyes felled with tears as he threw him self on
    to me. I love you Jacob and now I guess you know that.