• The midnight hour, it captured my fractured sanity.
    It swept me off my feet, and stole me away.
    I looked for it to return me; that hope was vainly made.
    Angrily, it swallowed my essence wholly.
    We became one, and I began to shine through it’s spirit
    I looked for an escape, but there was none.
    My eyes searched frantically for the heart of the night
    I found nothing, I found no one else but me.
    I called out to it desperately; though only fruitlessly.
    My mind now in shreds, my heart frozen.
    I laid upon the moonlights’ breadth; monolithically.
    The rhythm of my life now slowing sweetly.
    The tune became light, and the night swayed with it.
    The rhythm and the night became intertwined.
    And as they became one, I longed to join their dance.
    I reached out, and was thrown back to earth.
    I raised my eyes to the sky, longing for my destroyer.
    I longed to be held captive just once more.
    If only once more, then I might be able to steal a dance.
    Just one rhythmic dance to cleanse my sins.