• i never thought what could be done,
    about the moon or about the sun,
    all i thought of was my fun,
    now the world is coming to its end,
    with people dying and going 'round the bend,
    i never thought that i could love,
    as much for you as anyone else,
    if i cried then i would lose all hope,
    i was sure i loved you,
    unsure if you cared,
    i looked with trust and you only glared,
    the sun is burning the moon is shining but what if it ended tonight,
    now i think and now i do what people thought never could be done,
    i am going to die but i'm not leaving without a fight,
    i never thought i could be loved but that thought is still left to be thunk,
    for i have no one ,
    and you have no idea that it you i've been thinking of.

    dont let it be you the one who cries alone in the dark,
    with no one to hold you while your shaking with fear,
    so let it be today,
    that you find your way,
    out of this world and into someones heart.