• Unlike stories told,
    "Amor" has a total different philosophy behind it.
    It is more than words, but a symphony of elegance and grace.
    It covers everything, unlike something's that don't last as long; this never ends!!
    Endless, Infinite!!
    The myth will last a love time, and much more than a life time.
    For love is not a living thing; it never dies, even if you do!
    Your trust, your faith, your feeling of knowing may fade!
    But not the love!
    It's paint that never drips, and if it does, it recreates a new puddle with a new, much more intensity withing.
    Stories, Myth's, Philosophies, Lullaby's, Even life can tell of wonderous things!
    But the best one's are told with it and never dies; it's just passed down!
    For Centuries to come!!