• She ran after him
    In the dark of the night.
    None of the stars
    Shining bright.
    She raced for him
    She raced for her.
    She raced for everything
    She thought they were.
    She called out his name
    And got no reply.
    Without his love
    She knew she would die.
    She would have loved him forever
    She still loved him alot.
    She loved him when he left
    And never forgot.
    The way he smiled
    His promise to be true.
    The way he said
    "I love you ."
    She came to his door
    Saw it was locked.
    Nervously praying
    He would answer when she knocked.
    His father stood there
    All lean and tall.
    She went all numb
    Couldn't think at all.
    Just because he wasn't there
    Where was he then?Where could he be?
    With who and since when? Why isn't he with me?
    She ran down the sidewalk
    Not feeling the stares.
    Of all of the people
    Who lived around there.
    She passed by a window
    Did a double take, and stopped.
    Taking in the scene
    Like a nosy cop.
    There he was
    watching TV.
    Sitting there with some girl
    She'd never seen.
    They looked happy together
    She won't disturb their peace.
    But she can't help but think
    "That girl should be me."