• And so the lion fell in love with the lamb
    You are my life now
    Yes, you are exactly my brand of heroin
    Sound familiar?
    The perfect love story
    Vampire falls in love with the girl
    He’d die for her
    She’d do the same
    Sound familiar?
    The threats
    The attacks
    The Voultri
    Sound familiar?
    You find an interesting book on the library shelf
    Pick it up, looks good
    Take it home, read some pages
    Saturday comes, you read more
    All of the sudden
    You can’t put it down pages turn one by one
    Till soon you find you’re done
    It’s in your thoughts
    Your conversations
    Your expectations are high for the boy next door
    You crave more
    You can’t stop
    The name of him makes your heart race
    Her name makes you cringe with jealousy
    Does this sound familiar now?
    Every girl’s fantasy is to be with
    Him we all long to become vampires
    We are obsessed freaks
    But we don’t care everything we hear makes us think of it
    What are we?
    Who are we?
    Vampire lovers
    Edward fantasiers
    And Stephenie Meyer worshipers
    TWILIGHT is our passion
    NEW MOON is our love
    ECLIPSE is our fantasy

    But most of all
    We just want…
    Bella to turn into a freakin vampire already