• Chapter 2 City of the Heartless

    Oh Beloved you have returned.
    It means so much that you return back to life.
    Open your eyes this place is heartless.
    The presence of these cursed beings.
    Saddening they never loved.
    The city we came from is far from here now.
    No turning back but will find salvation.
    I promise that someday will be our day.
    Where our sins are complete.
    And I'll stay with you If you promise always.
    Someday will be our day.
    Unlike those loveless people filled of sorrow.
    All we are is just dust and shades of grey.
    If we become like those souls
    I vow that I won't let you become like that.
    Look at that sparkle in your eyes.
    It almost makes me want to off my disguise
    To show how much I love you.
    But will save it for another night.
    Maby the love and warmth we seek.
    Is in us after all.
    Or we are just empty and not who we are.
    Oh this nightmare never seems to end.
    This pain and misery.
    If Love exist I will fall.........................