• Dampening dreams

    Vehement voices

    strangely speaking

    Rancor rites

    From far-off

    Placid places

    Unbecoming unaggressive

    Fire forging

    heated hatred

    Unforgiving uniformed

    Protesters pacing

    Chanting contention

    Between beliefs

    Filching freedom

    Dampening dreams

    Crazed cretins

    stealing sovereignty

    For feelings

    Unknown uncaring

    Only one

    Mind monitoring

    Gathering gangs

    Controlling contemplation

    Forcing Faith

    Opaquing opinion

    Converting convictions

    Forever failing

    Sacrificing self

    In response to the first comment:
    The point was to use simple combinations of words to paint a picture, and the picture is an angry mob of people violently protesting, and trying to steal everyones rights and forcing them conform to their will, while they themselves have no will. 'One mind', one person in control, and they fail themselves because they do not remain true to themselves, 'Forever Failing Sacrificing self', being led like blind sheep for something they don't fully understand. The tie in you refer to is in every stanza, repeating the subject, stealing rights, forcing opinions. And yes it does sound like a string of random words, but even they can paint a picture clear enough to those who know how to see. Poetry follows no form, it is a direct reflection of the souls desire, in whatever way it is portrayed, or painted is no issue.