• Unspoken whisper,

    Voice I heard upon the wind

    Call, please call once more

    I yearn to see again

    Unspoken forces,

    I can no longer name,

    How may I earn the gift of sound,

    I was knew within my ear

    Unspoken shadow,

    I saw upon a time,

    May I see once more

    The face I used to know?

    Unspoken words,

    I am not worthy

    to hear you speak at all.

    Unspoken presence,

    Did I ever earn your sight?

    Is it you I wish to see again,

    the one I told goodbye?

    Nameless song,

    Sweet, unending tune,

    The beauty I let myself forget.

    Nameless keeper,

    Did I ever see at all?

    How may I believe again,

    in the dreams I dreamt so long?

    The one beneath the branches,

    will I ever find you again?

    Deep among the shadows,

    did I leave you there behind?

    Lost soul,

    did I betray you,

    when I put the dreams aside?

    Unspoken, nameless spirit

    can I ever see you once more?

    I want to ask for forgiveness,

    though I'm sure I may never find love.

    Unspoken blackness,

    the many tears held within

    will I find the source of this sadness,

    or will my sobs stay buried inside?