• To the people of dark and lonely souls
    Trying to find the pleasure and satisfaction
    That I have found
    To be in joyous contentment
    In all its attributes.

    Oh the lovers pleasure in all its glory
    To be addicted in this contentment
    Like on drugs
    In falsely binding marriages
    To feel the rush of cheerful gratification
    As ones heart does circles in my chest.

    Fully coming in the hole of knowledge
    Oh you wisdom seekers
    With your shovel of words
    Or the bill of life
    Paid in 10 fold…
    For the wheel turns in succession
    Taking the path with its laughter

    Good bye world
    For gold can never stay
    Good bye world
    Dancing among the stars
    Trailed by laughing tears drops
    Ready to leave
    Taking a familiar path to different planes
    Good bye world of pain