• As beautiful as the sun is on a summer day
    You filled my heart with bliss in every way
    When our eyes locked I knew I'd found love
    You were my angel sent to me from above

    Your beautiful smile, picture perfect in my mind
    You were always my protector & never unkind
    When lightening struck and we entered a storm
    You would hold me close & you'd keep me warm

    My dreams came true when I became your all
    Becoming my umbrella, protecting me from rainfall
    My world was at peace, lying in your arms at night
    You were my hero saving me from my any fright

    But my heart will go on, longing for your touch
    I hope you still know that I love you so so much
    You're still the man of my dreams as I write u this
    Tonight I'll go to bed, and I'll dream of our first kiss.