• Each day, the sun rises and sets
    Each time it rises, its warmth overcomes the cold
    The sun oversees all creatures of light to hold them calmly and warmly
    Each creature joyfully bathing in the light.

    As the sun sets, the light disappears
    All creatures of light must go back to a dream
    Waiting for the next day
    Yet fearing what lies in darkness.

    The moon shines as it casts its light upon the fields
    The stars twist and twirl to awaken the creatures of night
    They come and play in shadow and light, with the stars up above
    Tonight is the full moon.

    Creatures of night dine upon the cold chill of the wind
    The fields covered in darkness leave the wind to breathe
    The moon finally sets as the creatures go back from whence they came
    As the creatures of night become dormant, creatures of light start to awaken
    A new day begins from dusk to dawn and dawn to dusk.