• Just around the is a million thought under water, above water.
    There was colors you couldn't even think of. Things beyond things..
    People more delicate but at least understnadable. Deep was more than just an expression, it was for the people you love, and the people you love are the people you also hate. Words were something you felt, not just say to get past today. Beauty is less common than usual. Let's take it back and restart. Planets, Animals, People, The materials we want in life is and was more than this. People always say that some time this is going to pay off. Complicated was more than just a stupid song by Avril Lavigne.. Complicated means impossible; impossible means unusual, unusual no longer means it's correct definition. This was, and just might be usual to me,.
    Flashing is not light, Flashing is life.
    Power's Dreaming, You're probably confused right now, So I tell you..
    Think deeper.
    Deeper to steps, deeper to deeper, deeper to life. Living is unlimited sunlight is moonlight is a star, stars have the same understanding of having a new life, they burn out but there will always be another to look up to.
    Inspiring is understanding, Before you think of yourself.
    Habbit's leavs and go; but no matter what anyone tells you they will ALWAYS stay with you.
    Everything I do, see, touch, smell, live, understand, virtualize, run, and walk for is to understand one inpossible thing. If inpossible is just a bad dream; A night mare.. Shouldn't it be possible, which leads you to the fact that anything is possible, theres just limits to expressions, every little shock I feel, every spark that inpacts me, inspires me.
    I wake up; undescribable, I wake up again and turn back.
    So I leave you with one last solution to figure, because truley there are no limits. It's if you have it in you. Have what in you; Have what in me?
    Everything. Think deeper.

    xx - Rebecca.