• so alone in the world. sorrow is my best friend. i wonder why im here, i wonder who i am. life filled with pain. follows me like a lost pup. stuck with what i've been given. but i still wont give up.
    up stairs in my room. tears of blood all around me. though i tried so hard. i feel incomplete. broken souls scream through the night. i cant get away. held by childhood fears. the pain is just too great.
    why was i given this like, what the hell did i do. was i a mistake, given to you? why did you take me. all you do is complain about me. why did you raise me. if you dont even love me.
    watching you fight. broke my heart in two. it wouldnt go away. no matter what i would do. my love for life, faded with your death. you were my only family. even though you onnly showed me wrath.
    as the years go by. i grow with my suffering. it hasnt left my side. it has become my new found family.