• Gazing up at the clear blue sky,
    I see the birds that freely fly.
    Their freedom I envy, for I am chained
    To my misery, and to it I stay
    Lost in my endless grief.
    I shake my fist, and scream
    Into the heavens I wish I could fly.
    For my friend, I wish I could die.
    Taken by fate,
    Replaced by truth that I hate;
    The fact that he's gone,
    And I am left here, writing this song.
    Where he has gone I can not follow,
    I am left on earth to wallow
    In the pain of his passing.
    As I watch time elapsing,
    My pain grows as I remember,
    That fateful December.
    Christmas was nearing,
    The end of the trip was leering,
    Closer with every mile,
    Flown in that plane, they traveled with a smile,
    To their farm in Maine,
    When something went wrong in the plane.
    It fell from the sky
    In a life ending dive
    That would take the lives
    Of the family inside.
    The four could do nothing, Paul
    And Lillian, Kitanna and Shawn, they would fall
    From our grasp, and out of reach.
    By the end of the week
    We would mourn
    In the darkest Christmas since Christ was born.
    Since the loss of the Martin family
    I've searched randomly
    For anything to distract my grief
    But it still shows through, even hiding it is quite a feat.
    I can never be whole
    until the day God saves my soul.
    I miss the them deeply, my heart is black,
    I only wish they would come back.