• I look in the mirror and hate my image
    the twin of me screams
    but you can not hear her
    If you don't like yourself
    smash the mirror into pieces
    blood and glass all over the floor
    tears falling from your face
    why cant I be a ghost of what I once was
    some where along the path I lost it
    I lost myself
    I lost my memory
    Who am I?
    Why can't I find what I once was?
    This dirty window it won't budge
    I can see images in the glass
    they keep blurring almost visable
    Who am I inside?
    My face in the mirror cracks and falls
    how can it hurt this much?
    tears rolling down my face
    my hands blocking out all sound
    Can't find Can't find the memories
    The memories of me
    Who is that?
    The reflection in the mirror tears falling
    The pain twisting her face
    How can that be me?
    I lost myself
    I lost my sanity
    my image is blurring
    wild thoughts are moving
    PLEASE, please help
    can't help,can't help, can't help my self
    Then I see the slow smile
    the slow smirk
    Then iI see the sparkle in the images eyes
    pounding on the glass
    braking it apart
    a hand reaches out bloodied and raw
    my hand takes it slowly
    I fall into darkness
    How can I be?
    Who is me?
    How can I save myself?
    My old self drowning slowly watching the time go by
    can't find the reason behind this.
    It's washing, washing away everything
    This mind is wishing, wishing on a star
    just hoping to get a new life
    another chance
    open my eyes and see
    Can't find the mirror just pieces of glass and me.