• I am the forgotten one
    The empty soul
    A dreamer whose dreams have died
    I am the one who sits alone in the dark
    Scared to step into the light
    For everyone may see me
    I am the one who wears a hat to hide my face
    From the world, the judges we call friends
    I am just a shadow
    With fears of life
    Whats to come?
    Who will walk out on me again?
    I am a soul shattered by fear
    I am the one no one remembers
    I am the skinny freaky girl
    I am an outcast
    I am faith
    I am not scared of death
    But i am scared of losing
    I fear trust more then anything
    I am a writer
    Whose words will bring you to tears
    Or unlock your deepest fears
    I am a poet
    My words can run for miles
    And touch parts of you, you never knew were there
    I am an artist
    Who hides from the critics
    I am scared of you
    So you should be scared of me
    Because i am me