• How can I say
    That I love you so stay

    Every time that I try
    The expression on your face makes me lie

    you miss understand me
    I love you can't you see?
    you think my words are trying to get me free

    I don't want anyone else
    These feelings are the strongest that I've ever felt

    Love confuses us all
    how or why is it life that makes us fall?

    Were so innocent and weak
    we can't fight it
    we can't hide it behind a mask

    Once the fire of love is lit
    we wait until the last
    spark of resentment fades away

    Then are hearts they brake free
    can't you tell whats wrong with me?

    The thing I can't say
    the words to make you stay
    every time I try
    the words fade and die

    Whats wrong with me? cry