• I walk alone in a field of roses
    Looking for the perfect rose for me
    They all look so beautiful
    And all the same
    I was tired of looking at the same flower it seemed over and over again
    I searched and I searched
    I could find nothing but all "perfect" roses
    I was about to give up
    But out of the corner of my eye
    A rose caught my eye
    It was broken
    Like me
    It was almost petalless
    Its color was fading
    The thorns weren't as sharp as always
    Letting all the others hurt it
    I couldn't help but smile
    Knowing this is the rose for me
    In this rose is a real person
    Who is itself
    Even though it is broken
    It is perfect in my eyes
    Better than the most beautiful roses out there
    I didn't care if there was barely any color
    Nor did that it barely had any petals
    I loved it
    I only wonder if it would love me back
    The way I love it
    I never want to let go
    I want to heal it
    And make it more beautiful than all the others