• When you took my hand,
    When you looked into my eyes
    I couldn't speak,
    No, you took me for surprise.

    When you opened your mouth
    When you said those words
    I went into doubt
    No, I couldn't be for sure.

    When you smiled so sweetly
    When you hugged me tight
    I couldn't see,
    No, I had lost my sight.

    When you asked me what was wrong,
    When you wanted to know
    I told you three words
    No, I had never said these before.

    When you stopped and kissed me,
    When a tear came to your eye
    I finally knew
    No, I really did love you.

    When you told me something you wanted not to
    When you asked me to promise something to you
    I couldn't breathe
    No, this couldn't be true

    When you were on the hospital bed
    When your heart monitor stopped
    I dropped to my knees, and there I said
    No, my life can't go on.

    When you came to my dreams
    When you told me I had to move along
    I had my last words to you
    You will always be in my heart.